Who We Are

Like the great American city which inspired it, the OMAHA range of products essentially promotes what Omaha call “the celebration of the good life”. Because there is nowhere more deserving of “the good life” than your household, the OMAHA brand revels in breakthrough ideas and technology for the enjoyment of the good life in household settings.

OMAHA is a registered brand in USA for worldwide distribution of household appliances designed in the USA. OMAHA is driven by American technology.

Grand Products Company Limited commenced the importation and nationwide distribution of the OMAHA range of appliances in Nigeria in 2007 with OMAHA air conditioners, fridges, freezers, fans, cookers, cooker hoods, microwave ovens, voltage stabilizers, surge protectors, UPS, and later, generators. The market acceptance was instant and tremendous; and the range’s home penetration, put conservatively, was quite impressive. Since then, the marketing stats have continued to impress and bolster our confidence in the Nigerian environment.

As a demonstration of our gratitude to the Nigerian market and also our acknowledgement of its infinite pursuit of value without necessarily sacrificing quality, Grand Products Company Limited has embarked on range extension. With OMAHA LED, smart, and Curved Televisions, we have removed the dichotomy between quality and affordability. Put simply, we have closed the gap between quality and affordable pricing. With OMAHA Television, Nigerians can enjoy quality without going bankrupt.

OMAHA Televisions are stylishly designed in America to high standard of picture quality, complimented with features like Bluetooth and Satellite receiver.

The OMAHA televisions come in 32’’, 43’’, 55’’, 65’’ and 75’’ models.

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